"Skopje Drum Talks is the first and only existing association in Macedonia focused on educating and supporting drummers."

Working on provision of free-of-charge informal education specifically focusing on drums, networking, cross-border cooperation and development of educational programs relevant for the Macedonian drumming community. In the last 5 years, Skopje Drum Talks has organized events varying from adult and children workshops, videos for home practicing during quarantine, open jam session workshops, to major events.

Skopje Drum Talks organises the first drum festival in the country called "Skopje Drum Festival" that has 3 editions so far.

Skopje Drum Talks has so far organized a number of diverse activities aimed at different target groups varying from professional drummers to kids from vulnerable backgrounds, thus attempting to bring music closer to the general public, making the path more comprehensible for the youth willing to pursue a career in music, raise awareness of the importance music has in early child development, breaking the stigma around gender limitations of drums and music in general, and overall raising awareness about the importance of life-long learning and exchange as a way to open doors for international networking of musicians.

It has always been about building the community.